CAMR has recently organized a ZOOM webinar on the topic The Development of the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue and Current Expectations (

The webinar hosted a discussion with experts regarding the developments of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and the current expectations on its future development. In the discussion, our guest speakers have shared their insights on crucial questions such as the importance of the final agreement for the countries and its impact on the Balkan as a region, as well as the role that international actors such as the EU and the US could play in the way the dialogue will unfold in the future. The discussed topics included also the expectations on the continuation of the dialogue with the new Government of Kosovo, Prime Minister Kurti, as well as his approach to the dialogue as well as the possibility of reaching the final agreement in 2021.

Our speakers included:

Special guest speakers:

  • Demush Shasha, EPIC Institute, Kosovo (20 mins)
  • Dušan Janjić, Forum for Ethnic Relations, Serbia (20 mins)


  • Fitore Fejza, Center for Analyses Monitoring Reporting, Slovakia (15 mins)
  • Arta Haxhixhemajli, Center for Security Analyses and Prevention, Czech Republic (15 mins)