We are happy and grateful to share that members of CAMR have participated in a scenario-building workshop organized by Visegrad Insight with support from the International Visegrad Fund.

The workshop on the development of scenarios in the Western Balkans was a very interesting one as it allowed the participants to dynamically discuss with each other and come up with ideas on how to map perspective scenarios. Among participants from the Western Balkans, there were also many from the V4 countries who discussed their own perspective of the region. Among the discussed topics were security concerns in the Western Balkans, especially regarding China and Russia and how they could potentially gain a better footing due to the prolongation of the EU integration process of the Western Balkan countries. Participants also expressed their unease at how the global COVID-19 pandemic might affect the already handicapped political processes in the region and by adding yet another factor of unclarity. An issue of concern was also the potential radicalization of youth and how media consumption can contribute to the creation and acceptance of radical narratives that push the youth further away from the values of acceptance and tolerance.

We would like to thank Visegrad Insight for being able to join them and participate in their project.

More information about the Western Balkans Futures can be found here: https://visegradinsight.eu/wb_futures/?fbclid=IwAR3wLi2r45n9k-6_rpsJFQz74dbQhyIYI_B9inRvBsZAh4ekMcD_4nMmCRw